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Spanking Machine

$40.00 AUD
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Side One
01. Swamp Pussy
02. He’s My Thing
03. Vomit Heart
04. Never
05. Boto(w)rap
06. Dogg

Side two
01. Pain In My Heart
02. Lashes
03. You’re Right
04. Dust Cake Boy
05. Fork Down Throat

First album originally released in 1990 by BABES IN TOYLAND.

Spanking Machine was recorded in Seattle by now legendary Jack Endino at the now equally legendary Reciprocal Recording Studio.

Spanking Machine was the record that kicked down many doors for BABES IN TOYLAND.

Personally asked by Thurston Moore to support Sonic Youth on their European tour promoting Goo, appearing in the documentary 1991: The Year Punk Broke, fixtures on the John Peel show among much more.

• Playing Cal Jam 17 with a swag of swell bands on October 7th
• Long deleted on vinyl
• Original artwork faithfully reproduced

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