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Of All The Wounded People...

$40.00 AUD

Side One:
1. Mother Hubbard Tomorrow
2. 923 Mornings
3. Balcony
4. Silver Rings & Golden Pleasures
5. The Ballad Of Rachelene

Side Two:
1. Pale Cat Of The Night
2. Back In The Wildwoods Again
3. Lovers In The Mirror
4. The Love Juice Song

Melbourne folk duo Carrl & Janie Myriad. If the likes of Fairport Convention, Trees, Mellow Candle, Shirley Collins, Sandy Denny (to name a few) mean anything to you, check this! Originally released in 1972, original pressings are now highly sought after and extremely rare. This reissue, made in an edition of only 500 copies and direct from the original mastertapes. Complete with original artwork and insert featuring liner notes from Janie Myriad.

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