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Ahead Of Hair

$40.00 AUD

Side One
1. Tune-In
2. Donna
3. Hashish
4. Hair
5. i Got Life
6. Frank Mills
7. Hare Krishna

Side Two
1. Turn-On
Walking In Space
2. Drop-Out
3. What A Piece Of Work Is Man
4. Turn-On (Part Two)
Good Morning Starshine
5. The Flesh Failures
Let The Sunshine In

Finally, after much wrangling, the Blank Recording Company is truly chuffed to be able to make available again for the first time since their original releases the three highly sought after and extremely rare albums by John Sangster, originally released on Festival Records from 1967-1969.

Third album, originally released in 1969. His final album for Festival Records. An interpretation of the music featured in the musical, Hair along with three original electronic pieces. Undoubtedly inspired by working with Tully on the Australian version of Hair. Players on this album are John Sangster, Bob McIvor, Ken Herron, Lennie Hutchinson, Derek Fairbrass, Col Nolan and Ben Turpin. Produced by Pat Aulton.

All three of these albums are mastered from the original analogue master tapes. All three sport the original cover art. All three are sounding better than ever.

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