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$40.00 AUD

Side One
01. Rowena
02. Love Owed
03. Left Over Time
04. Lying To Myself
05. The Sailor And Madonna
06. Oxblood

Side Two
07. Yorric
08. Midnight Comes
09. Ghost Town
10. Dau Rhosyn Coch
11. Ballad Of Old Joe Blind

First album Outlander originally released in 1970 by MEIC STEVENS.

MEIC STEVENS was discovered by DJ Jimmy Savile (but don’t hold that against him) in 1965 whilst performing in Manchester, this led to a single being released on Decca Records later that year arranged by John Paul Jones.

The single sold poorly and MEIC STEVENS retreated to his tiny home village of Solva in Wales in 1967, writing, recording and releasing a series of now incredibly rare Welsh language EP’s.

This led to more work in the U.K and a recording contract with Warner Bros. The sublime Outlander was to be the first album of a multi album deal but both parties went their own way after extremely poor sales of the album.

Outlander is the only album he recorded in English, subsequent albums are in Welsh

• First time widely available on vinyl legitimately since original release.
• Original copies can sell for close to four figures.
• Original artwork faithfully reproduced along with tough to find lyric insert

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