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The Hummingbirds

$40.00 AUD
Sold Out

Howl Side
departure gate

Moo Side
sick on
self pity

With the help of gold star services above and beyond the call of duty from Zenith Records and Wombat Grafx
we, The Hummingbirds and Blank Records, have been able to scramble to manufacture
this swank and humble bit of art to be sold on the Hindsight - a night for Simon on Sunday
3rd December at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville.

Single LP containing nine tracks, originally released in 1993 as two compact disc extended plays, unavailable
for 24 years and appearing on vinyl for first time.

Three colour screen printed artwork in three combinations on buffalo recycled board sleeves, 180 gram clear vinyl with green and blue splatters (no two are the same), full colour labels sporting artwork appropriated from the original 1993 extended plays art and MP3 download card.

The Hummingbirds and Blank Records will forego any monies due on this release choosing to instead donate
them along with all profits from this release to the Simon Holmes family appeal

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