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Crush On You / Falling Apart

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It’s the conversation that’s been had by many of me in this caper that is slinging records the globe over.

It goes a little something like this...

Did the Psycho-Surgeons record anything else besides the solitary single?
The answer is no. Live tapes? No. Demos? No
How are you so sure? Asked the guitarist about it numerous times. There’s nothing else!

That was then...
...this is now

It’s amazing what you find clearing through stuff.

In a tape box marked to be a live recording of mid 70’s blues rock housed an unlabeled quarter inch tape.
Curiousity get’s the better of Psycho-Surgeons guitarist, Mark Taylor, he cues it up and gives it a listen to what it may be, if anything...

The penny drops. It’s two tracks from a 1976 rehearsal...two original compositions. One of which later found it’s way into the early Lipstick Killers set list, but that’s another story and band...

Long forgotten, lost, undiscovered. One short step from being binned and lost forever..

If you need a history lesson on Psycho-surgeons or Australian punk rock, this is not the place to read about it.

For the uninitiated If you feel inclined to fill in the gap and learn more without breaking the budget, check out the reissue of “Wild Weekend” / “Horizontal Action” 7” on Crypt for the whole history and more, except for the 2014 post script to the story, this single.

So until the discovery of a long forgotten Psycho-surgeons album. This is it.
Two seven inch singles. Four blasts of punk rock. Complete the story right here.
Five hundred black vinyl copies.

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